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August 21, 2010

THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS (2006) : Struggling Father

Chris Gardner is a husband, a devoted father of one child, and a desperate bone-density scanner salesman. He strive to make things altogether when things fall apart. His wife left him, nobody wanted to buy his product, no money to pay rent or anything and a child to take care. As he pull stuff so hard to survive, he apply himself an stockbroker internship.

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This movie is inspired by a true story of Chris Gardner, a self-made millionaire, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and philanthropist who, during the early 1980s, struggled with homelessness while raising his toddler son, Christopher, Jr. Gardner's book of memoirs, The Pursuit of Happyness, was published in May 2006.

Although the movie was based on a true story, but there are some differences from the actual life of Chris Gardner. His wife didn't left him, he have an affair with another woman but actually did raise his son and struggling to live, applied and accepted in stockbroker internship. His son in the movie was 7 or so, but in real life he was actually a toddler.

Chris Gardner was raised by an abusive step-dad and caring mother. He realized his story had a Hollywood potential, he wrote a biography book. I saw his website, he's like an actual living proof of The Secret.

For like half the movie, Will Smith always walking and running, carrying the bone-density scanner and hand-luggage. Looks exhausted, but that shows his big will for surviving. There's not much to see but his struggle to live and taking care of his son, constantly trying to find a little cash to live.

Will Smith really make the role live. I read that Chris Gardner actually thought Will Smith was miscast, but his daughter thought if Will can play 'Ali' then he definitely can play Chris Gardner. He did, he was nominated for Best Actor in Leading Role for Oscar and Golden Globe.

Inspiration Note

To be honest, I wasn't prepared to watch something so real. I was gonna watch some comedy movie, but I picked this one instead. Well, damn, this movie make me feel like a spoiled brat. But it did raise some of my spirit to live and 'run' to have a better life.

His fatherhood is very deep in his bones, he did everything just to live, including selling his blood and forced to live in a toilet. Constantly trying, never complain and move along. Something that we may not have anymore in this instant world. Good thing he's good in math and having great personal approach to other people. Definitely a movie with deep values.

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