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October 3, 2010

Analyzing : Penelope (2006)

 I already watched Penelope few years ago, before I started this blog. All I can remember was : John McAvoy was cute, and Christina Ricci was adorable.

Since I started this blog, I constantly seeking for movies with good message behind. And so as I go, I saw greatest movies ever. I remember this movie has it (good message). But when I googled it few days earlier, I found out the movie has various responses, negative ones from the critics but good ones from the viewers. It made me curious, so I start to dig my pile of DVDs and found the movie.

Since it started with a voice over says: once upon a time... and tells a story about a curse runs in Penelope's family, this is a fairy tale (so it was called). As I go on watching, I remember saying to myself when I first saw the movie; 'wait, what era is the movie? and what's with the mixed accent of the casts? one's British other ones is American.' And why is other cast wear vintage outfit, the other one is modern? The script could do a little research and more thorough.

What could've been more greater is an add of quirky animation, Coraline's style, because it goes with the dark-fairy-tale like the movie is. Just to add more depth of how lost and lonely Penelope's feeling. Sure, it goes back with the movie's budget.

And I have to agree with the critics. Why is people keep jumping from the window after seeing her? Her nose isn't that bad. One thing is missing from this is maybe a little add of fangs. That'll keep boys running :))

Inspiration Note

There's more stuff to critic. But I think the movie is not all that bad. Christina Ricci and McAvoy did a strong performance. Beautiful background of London, fairytale-like costumes and props. And the movie definitely has a good message about self acceptance. It would make a good marks to tell insecure young teenagers.

Mothers have a big role of how we accept ourselves. In Penelope's case, her mother pretty much ashamed of her own daughter. Keeping her daughter out of spotlight, it made me remember of Virgin's Suicides, and the girls kill themselves (spoiler). But no, Penelope's has more positive acts than the girls. You could check it by yourself, and have your own opinion.

Remember : we should just always live freely, free from people's opinion and more importantly is free yourself from feeling unworthy or unpretty. Even when your mother says you are.

One more thing I love about the movie, is Sigur Ros's beautiful dramatic song as the soundtrack, Hoppippola. In Icelandic means "Jumping into puddles", is the band's most successful song.


moviesandsongs365 said...

The mixed accents bothered me too in Penelope. To me, a deeper film about self-acceptance is "Imitation of Life"(1959) , old, but really good! You can find it on youtube.

I also like that sigur ros song, sounds like he sings "most talented" in this sports video:

ThreeLilly said...

Thanks for the info. I still have bunch of movies in line but if there's a time, I'll watch it.

clarabela said...

There are a few things that could have been improved about Penelope, but the message about beauty and how women view themselves, make this movie worth watching.

Keynar said...

@clarabela yees I agree with you