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October 13, 2010


Breakfast Club is a teen movie, directed by John Hughes. I found out John Hughes just died in 2009, but he is known for making teen movies in '80s. He's well known work is Home Alone (1990) as a writer.

10 years ahead, there were a lot of teen movies in theaters. They made it in horror genre, drama and comedy. They exposed beauty in the lead characters and involved the geeky ones to make it more colorful. Often they made it more bold, dramatize, which is maybe OK because teens mostly overact. But they rarely made teen movie as it is (or I rarely seen one).

It's nothing special about the movie, except besides their different characters and social cliques, they have something in common. There were stuff that I can guess in the end. The movie's basic problems is now a common thing in high school, and the issues are more complicated now. But the movie made a strong impression about the pressure being a teenager. They pretty much trapped in their own label and formed in some character by huge effect from parents.

I remembered one episode from Dawson's Creek that I strongly believe influenced by this movie. Because, the stories is pretty much the same ; they were all in detention in one Saturday, doing something illegal and bonded at the same time. I thought, that's a good episode of that serial, but I don't know they were doing it based on the movie.

There were also fan made video, with a nicely cut pictures from the movie, by the song Lisztomania (Phoenix). Watch it here. I also never knew it was from this movie until I watch BC.

Beside the good message, I like seeing Claire's wardrobe here. It's back on style :)


moviesandsongs365 said...

BC is one of my favourite 80s movies. The ending for me is the best part, with the song by Simple minds.
The kind of film I can rewatch again and again. I like a few others John Hughes directed in the 80s, but to me this is his best.

ThreeLilly said...

I know what you mean. I can imagine watching this movie again, in all times.
I am kind of interested to see 'Sixteen Candles' if I have the time. That Simple Minds song is memorable.

moviesandsongs365 said...

You can do a CTRL+F search on my blog for "John Hughes". A couple of others I like from 80s.

Sixteen candles was ok, but not one of my fav by Hughes. Maybe its more for girls.

ThreeLilly said...

okay then I'll look it up :)