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October 31, 2010


I am writing this review very excited. I finally found an Asian movie worth reviewed here! Not that there's no movie from Asian is good, but I just haven't found the Asian movie references yet.

Several days ago I found a web for Asian festival movies and write some of the movie titles to look for. But, I don't know if Taipei Exchanges is there. I just look at the movie's cover and decided to watch it.

The movie tells a story about a girl named Doris who starts to own a coffee shop in Taipei, where she runs it with her younger-tomboy sister, Joise. On the opening day of the coffee shop, her car crash a flower truck. Instead of cash compensation for the damage to her vehicle, the lady is offered the van's load of calla lilies.

She then goes to the opening of her coffee shop where her friends brought her some stuff she thought useless. Her idealistic sister, Joise have an idea to exchange them. She then gave words to people that stuff is not for sale, only for exchange. The only thing for sale is only coffee. Joise thinks this would be a good idea for the coffee shop to have a difference from other coffee shop. Not really a fan of her sister's idea, Doris have no choice but to go along with it. Her sister's idea actually made a difference not for the visitors, but for Doris's life too.

Personal Opinion

Here's a movie that captured the beauty of Taipei city. Some of the movie's bridging scenes shows Taipei streets and buildings. Where Joise rides a bicycle to spread news about the coffee shop, there were beautiful shots of the streets and shops. The coffee shop itself feels cozy, warm, clean and homey. The movie felt relaxed and tidy (in editing, shots and colors). But, I was a little annoyed with lack of close-up shots, often I want to see the character's expression. It may help to understand a situation.

At first, I don't get the point of exchanging stuff. But as I watched it, I felt somehow there's a sincerity in the idea. Not necessary to exchange things, but you can also exchange anything with a song or a story. Now people just want anything for money, often accurately. But exchanging things is something more kind, not at all greedy. Exchange stuff with a story or a song somehow make up for good times to hang out with someone. A moment that you can't buy with money.

Other point that I love in the movie is the gimmicks. Some part of it includes a question, for example : What do you choose? Study or travel around the world? (I chose travel and my sister said, she want to study overseas :DD ) or, What is important in your heart? They ask people in the streets and they answer with their variety opinions. One person said, to make his parents happy and other said wild romance.

Overall, it was a journey for Doris to chase her dreams. It was a warm, refreshing and lovely movie.


moviesandsongs365 said...

I'll look out for this one, I like warm-hearted films.

Have you seen "Chungking Express" or "The Road Home" ?
They are both warm-hearted Asian films I love, if you are trying to get into Asian cinema.

ThreeLilly said...

I actually want to watch 'Chungking Express'. I haven't got a chance to download it, but I prefer buy or rent it. No, I haven't heard of 'The Road Home'. Thank you for the recommendation :) Hope I can find it.