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December 30, 2010

my top 10 movies in 2010

Noted : these movies are the ones I watched in 2010. For some reason, I was more blown away with 2009's movies. Haven't watch Black Swan, Hereafter, Somewhere, For Colored Girls and all. I guess I'll see them in 2011. This list is inspired by moviesandsongs365.

1. Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Of course this movie would make the number one.
There aren't enough stars to rate this movie.
Not just about life in prison, or convicted crime. But willpower.

2. Up In The Air (2009)

I remembered I never really interested to see this, but it's a mind opener.
You rarely see Clooney with fragile side.
The movie encourage us to follow our dreams.

3. Ground Hog Day (1993)

This comedy movie is full of things to taught about self-improvement.
Recommended by moviesandsongs365.

4. Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

A break-down family goes on a trip.
It's pretty messy for a family movie, but worth to watch.  

5. Up (2009)

I watched Toy Story 3, and I still like this movie better.
The movie is a perfection, both in animation and the heartbreaking story.

6. Lost In Translation

Two stranger stuck in another country, sharing loneliness.
Didn't know much but in need of each other.
Coppola made it look so cool, I admire her more and more.

7. Driving Miss Daisy

Two friends with different class, background and skin.
Morgan Freeman does it again. I may like this movie because
Jessica Tandy's character reminded me of my grandmother.

8. An Education

A girl falls in love with a wealthy man and forgets her education.
It's a recommended for teenage girls.

9.  Amélie (2001)

Audrey Tatou plays this quirky imaginative french girl
that helps people with her own way.
This movie has its own impression that I did not find in other movies.

10. Yes Man 
Jim Carrey unable to say 'No' is hilarious but also open to any opportunity.
This comedy had a self-improvement message much like 'GroundHog Day'.
Have you ever thought to say 'Yes' all the time?

So I have Morgan Freeman and Bill Murray in 2 movies.
I'm inviting you too to write your own Top 10 movies in 2010.


moviesandsongs365 said...

you just managed to catch your no 1 film of 2010 right at the end of the year. Maybe hppy-go-lucky will be in your top 10 of 2011 ( :

I might have to give Up in the air a second chance, I loved the soundtrack, but have never been a big fan of Clooney. The last 30 min of the movie I liked the most.

I actually thought Yes man was one of Jim carrey's weaker comedies, I prefer him in Ace ventura 1+2 and liar liar from the 90s.

Andina said...

I know :) lucky me to watch SR. But I have to admit, I buy the dvd about 2 months ago and just watch it this month. It just seem heavy. But you just have to find the mood to watch.

I don't really remember about the 'Up In The Air' soundtrack, gotta check it again. Actually, it is one of the movies that triggered me to create this blog.

About Yes Man, in terms of comedy I've seen funnier. But it's about the message behind, the mix of comedy and philosophy of open to any opportunity.

James D. said...

I saw Groundhog Day for the first time in 2010. Loved it.

Andina said...

Same here. Glad I did.