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December 11, 2010

One Hour Photo (2002)

While waiting Never Let Me Go, I realize I have one Mark Romanek's movie I have never watched. It's One Hour Photo, psychological thriller written and directed by Mark Romanek and starring Robin Williams. The movie's been sitting in the cupboard for years and I buy it again *pat forehead*.

The movie is about lonely photo lab technician having a obsession in young family. Sy (Robin Williams) have been developing pictures of the Yorkin family since their only son Jake were in the womb. He's been imagining to be Jake's uncle and collecting their photos in his apartment wall. One day Sy discovered Will Yorkin, Jake's dad is having an affair to another woman, which he figure out from the another woman's picture. Sy decided to take Will and his other woman to his own justice.

When this movie is out, digital cameras are not as popular as now. I don't think facebook is born yet. I remembered those times, I was making an approach to my mom's analog camera. I remembered those humiliating moments when photo lab technician found out my films were blank (ouch). Ofcourse, I'm afraid having judged by the photo lab people. They've seen any kinds of photos, the uglies and the beautiful shots. Until now I still have those thoughts.

Without any discredit intention to Facebook, people are easier now to share pictures with their friends. They like to post pictures in their happiest moments and the newest events, often where they are in the coolest places. There's nothing wrong with it, only it gives us such certain impression that they were happy. It's a plus to those who can edit the pictures with photoshop, give it an adjust, in certain color theme. I fall for it, I thought; he/she's so lucky, he/she's so happy. And began to compare to my own. But then, I realize those pictures may represent where the moment are happy. Like Sy said in the movies, 'People rarely took pictures of moments they want to forget'. You never know what one's truly faced in the reality.  Because nothing is that perfect. Sometimes people who post it just want to remember those happy times, to lift their mood to current situation ; say coming back to daily routine job, etc.

The movie has perfect picture, clean framing, nicely cut. Robin Williams gave perfect performance as an mentally-ill photo lab technician. It's a plus for me, because I love photography, to see the film processed in the movie.

Read the movie's production fact.


moviesandsongs365 said...

I saw "One hour photo" a long time ago, was ok.
I agree, this film does make you think how weird it is that we let total strangers look at our personal pictures.

I can imagine it's your kind of movie when you love photography! ( :

moviesandsongs365 said...

I see you are looking for more response/comments on your blog. I follow this advice myself:

Andina said...

Yes. Back then we use films and have to process it in photo lab to know if our pictures succeed to be capture. Now we have digital camera, we could just select the best ones to be print out.

Andina said...

Yeah, I do. I actually read that article yesterday but only seen the first item. Maybe they just updated them. Thanks for your info :)

Andina said...

@moviesandsongs365 : I suppose you are right. But I'm not sure, is it because they afraid of the spam or virus?