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December 18, 2010

Year End Note

It is windy in the city, it's not the best weather and it may have affected my own mood. I began to reviewing everything, especially this blog page. Is it because it's the end of the year?

I started this blog when I began to look at motion picture seriously in early days of 2010. I always loved movies. Even as a child I always watch cartoons before I go to school. I am addicted to TV serials as well, especially westerns (we just click and they have excellent programs). I even work behind the scenes of TV program. I select the most appropriate pictures in videos and edit them (almost always with heart).  And I tasted how to make programs in various purposes and different types. But I guess drama has been my magnet.

There's a particular background of when you watch the movie. Say your heart's broken. Or you're on soul searching. Feeling Low, or actually feeling pretty great. There's that movie that reminds you that you should hold on and keep the faith. I'm not saying that movies are a religion. More of a fun friend that takes you for another person's life for the next couple hours. Of course, there should be a little modesty in you.

I have this habit to continually see movies with friends and there were a variety effect of watching them. The best movies sometimes remembered as best because we enjoy it with friends and have a blast, of course aside from the movies are excellent. That's what happen with me and my friends and 500 Days of Summer. The three of us love them and addicted to their soundtrack until now.

After that I went to search almost all movies that got nominated in Golden Globe 2010 and I was amazed. I began to see them differently, not only as 120 minutes of entertainment, but sequential frames filled with deeper message behind. Of course, movies with the best special effects amazed you visually. But the impression is not as deep as when you watch movies that inspires you with deep story. The best special effects movies could disappear in your head 5 minutes after you watch it. The best movies are those who entertain you and educate you. If you like movies like I do, the movie will surely plays over and over in your head. The result you may have a different state of mind and improving your own life.

past logos >> I have changed the logos 4 times in 6 months

When I take a dip, tasted the water in blogging, I thought I had a lot in mind. But in the process I realize there's more commitment to take. People blog with various intention. As I blogwalk to other blogs, especially the LAMBs, I realize this blog is still a baby. My insight of movies is like a drop of water in the sea. There is so much legendary movies I haven't watch, I feel like I am missing a lot. But I have the rest of my years to know them bit by bit.

I may have using this blog for another purpose in the past, not that idealist and exclusive as other movie bloggers. There are ups and downs. There are miscalculated. There are personal accomplishment. Also, the benefit of exchanging links. I just want to say thank you for my dear friend that have been helping me this last 6 months for putting my links. You have been my blog guide. I am deeply sorry that I couldn't give more than putting your links in my blog for the last 6 months.

I just realized my mistakes and I have betrayed my own purpose. Thanks for my blogger friend (you know who you are) for helping me notice this. I hope I can start over with clean page now.

Let's welcome 2011 with fresh mind and blog better.


moviesandsongs365 said...

I hope you find some great movies to watch in future ( :

In 2011, I think "Tree of life" might be your taste, as you like photography.Go watch the trailer, amazing!

Andina said...

I hope so too, and hope you do too :)

I already watch it. I sense from the title that it's probably good to watch ^^