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March 28, 2011

Secretariat (2010)

I've marked this movie to be on my watch-list, because I read in some movie blogs that it is recommended. Secretariat is based on a true story of Penny Chenery and her winning race-horse Secretariat back in the 70s. I couldn't help but comparing the movie with Seabiscuit, who received awards for a heartwarming story. Sometimes no matter how good or inspiring the true story is, it is the packaging of the movie that's people going to see.

It tells a story about a housewife and mother, Penny Chenery, agrees to take over her ailing father’s Virginia-based Meadow Stables, despite her lack of horse-racing knowledge. The film is based largely on William Nack's book Secretariat: The Making of a Champion. He was also a consultant for the film. (wikipedia)

Human can do have a connection with animals with their minds and interactions. Diane Lane plays Penny Chenery who looked up to be a devoted wife and a classy owner of a race-horse. She appear to be a perfect, well-together and dedicated woman. At some point I felt the movie got monotonous, until John Malkovich (who plays Lucien, the eccentric horse trainer) is in the picture.

Although the movie was set in the 70s, it noticed some parts of it are not fully in the 70s. I noticed Penny's daughter have what you call an accent or some intonation that's only match for teenagers these days. I thought her husband's wardrobe also felt modern. At some point of the story I though there's going to be an affair between Penny and her horse trainer :) Maybe if another movie maker running this story, they could make a few adjustment to add a little spice in the story. But it is possible for the person who actually living the story does not allow the adjustment.

Besides that, the story is beautiful for me because it centers on Penny Chenery, who have a passion for horses but gave up her dream to become a housewife and a mother for her kids. But up until her mother passed away and her father's stable is at stake, she decided to take over and become very devoted to her new purpose.

At that time it seems woman is commonly ordinary or encouraged to be a housewife. She does but when the situation insist, she decided to take control and relive her dream. While I think for a woman being dedicated for her family is a nature, but it is not something new now that a woman is capable of pursuing her own career. For those who are lucky (and work hard) could pursue both. It seems Penny Chenery is a courageous lady, especially when she did it alone at first without the full support of her husband. She is also being well-supported with her father's assistant, her horse trainer and others.

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