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April 21, 2011

Hello Stranger (2010) >> Fashion and Locations

So many movies sometimes took advantage of overseas locations but did not explore it so well. But traveling movies are a big bonus if the story is great as well. Hello Stranger is no exception.  It tells two people for the first time traveling in South Korea during Songkran Festival. They both have adorable characters, great street style for wardrobe with beautiful scenes behind. I like learning new cultures, so those traditional food in the street and other details are interesting to me. In the mean time, this is some of the stills with some of the places in South Korea.

Links :


Success story behind Thailand’s Hello Stranger, a movie filmed in Korea


anggun said...

ndin, sorry, i don't know how to inform you better but I have something in your fb inbox. check it out! :D

Andina said...

sudah dilihat. thank u nggun.