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September 18, 2010


Driving Miss Daisy is a 1989 American comedy-drama film adapted from the Alfred Uhry play of the same title for Warner Bros. The film was directed by Bruce Beresford with Morgan Freeman reprising Hoke's role and Jessica Tandy playing Miss Daisy. The story defines Daisy and her point of view through a network of relationships and emotions by focusing on her home life, synagogue, friends, family, fears, and concerns. Hoke is rarely seen out of Miss Daisy's presence, although the title implies that the story is told from his perspective.(wikipedia)

An old Jewish woman and her African-American chauffeur in the American South have a relationship that grows and improves over the years.

Inspiration Note

First of all, I have always treasure finding old movies, especially the ones that rememberable like this movie. Second of all, I have always interested seeing elderly lives and how one copes through their last days. That's why I can't stand to not being touched seeing Up. I saw Miss Daisy have a great spirit to live and have great sense of fashion. And like many other old people, Miss Daisy is stubborn, grumpy and arrogant. But she still a human, needs help and caring. So thank God there's Hoke to help her, and being genuinely loyal and patient. And, thankfully, respond her stubbornness with a little laugh. 

There's not much action or something too dramatic and cheerful, just simplicity life of one wealthy old lady and his chauffeur. Although it's interesting to see friendship grows through difference of class and the color of skin in the era where the difference is still a problem.

Awards (from wikipedia)
At the 62nd Academy Awards for 1989Driving Miss Daisy received a total of four awards from nine nominations. The four awards included: Best PictureBest Actress (Jessica Tandy), Best Makeup, and Best Adapted Screenplay. The remaining five nominations included: Best Actor (Morgan Freeman), Best Supporting Actor (Dan Aykroyd), Best Art DirectionBest Costume Design, and Best Film Editing.
Driving Miss Daisy also achieved the following distinctions at the 62nd Academy Awards ceremony:
  • it is the only film based on an off Broadway production ever to win an Academy Award for Best Picture;
  • it is the last Best Picture winner to date to receive a PG rating;
  • it is the last film to date (and one of only three films ever) to win Best Picture without having received a Best Director nomination; and
  • Jessica Tandy, at age 80, became both the oldest winner and the oldest nominee ever in the history of the Best Actress category.
Driving Miss Daisy also won three Golden Globe Awards (Best Picture, Best Actor Morgan Freeman, and Best Actress Jessica Tandy) in the Comedy/Musical genre. At the 1989 Writers Guild of America Awards, the film won in the Best Adapted Screenplay category. Rounding out its United States awards, the film won both Best Picture and Best Actor from the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures. In the United KingdomDriving Miss Daisy was nominated for four British Academy Film Awards, with Jessica Tandy winning in the Best Actress category.

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