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November 25, 2010


When I re-watch Penelope and wrote it here, I was actually trying to find Rachel Getting Married.  I wanted to see it because I saw the movie in the cable tv and I thought it was intense. Then I forgot about it until I found it on my sister's room. But I got to admit, I was not feeling well when I watch it. As the result, I felt an emotional rollercoaster. I also felt the wedding party night scene is too long.

I saw Kym's (played by Anne Hathaway) struggling to be accepted in her family after being in and out of rehab. She faced several rejections as she attend her sister's wedding preparation. As the story goes, the problem in the family got discovered and more complex. Kym's presence makes things awkward even though the family try to be open for her. There is also jealousy of father's attention, unresolved anger and feelings buried in the past is exploding just before the wedding.

Kym's bad behavior in the past gave a deep impact for her and her family. As she tries to start over and on recovery from drugs, she keep falling apart because of the rejections she felt from her sister, Rachel. But at the same time, Rachel is the one sister she only had.

This is a movie for people who want to start over. I can see Kym's will to rise and then fall again, and then rise again. I guess the lesson to take is family is all you got. You can fall apart and mess things up, but there is nothing in the world who can hold you like your own family. So if you have one, then you are very lucky.

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