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December 9, 2010

EASY A (2010)

This is one of the movies I'm interested to see, but afraid it was gonna be one of those no-meaning teenage drama. Once a friend recommend it, so I was eager to watch. I was watching it in not a very convenient condition, but still thought it was a smart and funny teenage movie.

Read the plot here.
The movie partially inspired by Scarlet Letter and in one part of the movie, Olive, the leading character, rooting some of classic John Hughes movie. Emma Stone as Olive does have a good job becoming a so-so girl to be a popular pretend-easy girl in school. One have this beauty and smart character that close to similar as Zoey Deschanel. So like the effect of Zoey Deschanel, I am looking forward to see another Emma Stone's movie. But I thought Emma Stone could do a better before look, so her transformation to be a easy girl in school would give more difference. Like using a preppier look, or use glasses or something.

Other characters like Marianne, played by Amanda Bynes and Lisa Kurdrow as a counselor teacher are a great support. But other thing I love is the editing, especially the part where people are gossiping Olive, those fast forward and wind effect are marvelous.

Message I got from this movie :

  • Virginity become an issue in some countries. In states, it seems to be awry ; if you are a virgin, people call you prude. if you are not, easy (a.k.a sl*t). So in conclusion, people will always talk. Anything could be judged. For the case of Marianne, I thought of her as someone who use God's rule to control other people. Probably just the need to control.
  • It's so much easier to find a black sheep to escape you from your problem, rather than deal with the whole thing. When the problem is gone, you got saved and forget that people are sacrificing for you. So when the people asked you to come clean, you say no. But it doesn't mean the real problem will go away. You will always know the truth and you'll deal with the lie for as long as people only know the lie version.
  • For case of Rhiannon, Olive's jealous best friend, so she got threatened by Olive's new reputation. But real friends should not hold back another friend to (ahem) shine. In this case it was popularity that Rhiannon's once had more than Olive. Selfishness maybe already in human nature's bone. So you slip, should just remember that best friends are hard to find.
  • It took a lot of heart to claim something for someone, it maybe selfless but it has its consequences. People will believe what they want to believe. All that matters is how you see it, with your own belief.

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