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January 23, 2011

Happy-Go-Lucky (2008)

To tell you the truth these days wasn't the best of my Happy-Go-Lucky days. Sure I took a holiday and glad I took it. They keep you from being stressed out. But holiday wasn't a solution, it's just a getaway, a little escape. It doesn't end your problems. Just a few days pause from your regular life.

Certain events are in my agenda. And from the holidays to the unpleasant regular days, I took it hard. There were a lot of judgements, hidden and unresolved feelings and pressures. I thought, 'wow I sure have one hectic life!' And I miss the old happy me. But in the middle of my mind trip I realize I was missing the best part of everything, to feel gratitude for my life that I had. Not everyone is as lucky.

I remembered I had this movie on my movie watch list. I'm glad I watched it now. I owe it a lot to make me feel better. Read the plot here.

Sally Hawkins as Poppy make a great performance as a happy free-spirited kindergarten teacher. It's funny to see the comparison of her and other numb looking people. As if she carries nothing in her head other than birds chirping, rainbows and blue sky. I think it is peace and happy. Isn't it that what we want for ourselves?

Happy-Go-Lucky is the movie that make you smile, and satirize those who took life too seriously or too angry. At least wonder why Poppy could be that happy. The kind of movie who took the lead characters to be the one you should look up for. Sally Hawkins as Poppy never let someone's mood effect her. The best scene for me was when Poppy visit her pregnant married younger sister.

What I learn from this movie was, if we are happy with what we are, then great. If someone's out there look to you and thinks that you are not leading the life you'd be happy with, it's not necessary our problem. There are other possibility they do that; care, need to control or other cause. Sometimes others strong reaction to you is saying a lot more about them than about you. The bigger control is in you. If honestly you are happy with your own life, then stop seeing what could be wrong with it.

In some cases, other people are troubled inside and wants to drag you along. It really is a symptom of one's trouble of seeing his real problem. So, stay happy.


moviesandsongs365 said...

Good review. And glad to hear the film cheered you up, it did the same for me ( :

I'm not sure Poppy was so happy 100% of the time on the inside, being happy on the outside I think just made her feel good with herself and towards others. Maybe she had bad experiences in the past so she doesn't want to hurt people anymore. She believes in herself, and like you say doesn't let others make her angry.

I like the driving lessson scenes the most, the 2 in the car are so different that it's funny to me. It's a lot easier for the driving instructor to change others than himself.
My interpretations could be wrong, but the film sure is a conversation-starter.

Look out for my review of Happy-go-lucky later this year

Andina said...

I know. it seems Poppy tried to keep herself from being effected by any negative feelings.

The instructor sure had something unsolved inside. But I'm not sure why there's a scene where Poppy met a crazy man in the street.

I'll wait for your review.

CMrok93 said...

Sally Hawkins is incredible in this role, and although I wish the ending did a little bit more justice, the scenes with her and the driver instructor are what makes this film a very brutally honest study. Good Review!

Andina said...

Definitely. Yes, I guess it could've had a better ending. Maybe the point is to focus on our life rather being annoyed by people who basicly have deeper issue inside.