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April 9, 2011

3 Days To Forever (2007)

Yeah, I am very proud to finally can post movies from my own country. I should've seen this one way earlier. 3 Days To Forever or originally 3 Hari Untuk Selamanya was released in 2007 and directed by Riri Riza. It was selected to be screen in the premiere of Hong Kong International Film Festival dan Singapore International Film Festival.

The movie tells a story about two cousins, Yusuf and Ambar, who supposedly took a half-day trip and turn it into 3 days trip from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. From the beginning they both have a closeness and feel comfortable enough to do mischievousness in front of each other. It is a portrait of the life of nowadays generation of youth and the way they deal with traditional culture in their lives.

I felt the similarity of Nicholas Saputra (who played Yusuf) roles between Yusuf and Rangga (Ada Apa Dengan Cinta). Only Yusuf is more quiet and friendly. Adinia Wirasti plays Ambar very well, a mix of a spoiled, naughty and outspoken girl.

Anyway, it is pretty much one of the most blunt movie I have ever watched to portray the mischief of young adult live. I admire it for picturing it very clear and real. Some of this movie I felt very strong and I don't think I would ever recommend this movie for my friends under 25 years old. I said this because the movie is published here in the country where we embrace the East culture. But I guess it has to be shown to picture the reality and it is part of their confusion in their adult lives.

Though I still think the movie has a good way of telling a story about life-changing moment. They say you never got to know someone before you travel with them, so as Ambar and Yusuf. I have a theory of why people love travelling. Besides to broaden your perspective of world and to see that amazing place you came for, you also got a few days to leave your normal life and let go of the things you usually do in life. That's when you began to see yourself for who you are, not of what you do. You faced things unprepared sometimes and what your action next often describe your personality.

The thing that made it felt authentic besides the cool music, is the contrast between the traditional and the modern. The traditional culture they are having for Ambar's sister's wedding and the people they met in the road trip is a real picture of the people around the city.

The movie is best to watch when you are a young adult like Yusuf (a college guy) and Ambar (a nearly high school graduate), whereas faced undecided future yet in front of them. Even though, there was a part of the movie that tells something I have never known before and linked to my recent age. It definitely has its own value and something to think about.

They disabled embedding, so please watch the trailer here with subtitles.

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