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April 4, 2011

The Film I Always Go Back To : Jerry Maguire

I am joining The Kid in The Front Row's blogathon called "The Film I Always Go Back To", - where bloggers write about the film they always find themselves re-visiting after stressful weeks, or messy break-ups, or maybe just because they love it so much. I already put the movie in this blog, but I never mention on this kind of angle.

My sister bought the movie and insisted us to watch them since it's very good. I think I saw this in high school and it marked somehow in my mind. I don't know why, every time my mood is a mess or I need something to cheer me up, or possibly just want to see movie I am sure I'll like it, it's the first thing in my mind. I had the opportunity to watch this again last night, and it still manage to uplift me.

Something about seeing Tom Cruise, as Jerry Maguire, a successful sports agent who is on the top of his career, fall down from his victory after writing what he called a mission statement, it is somewhat gives me an enlightenment. The night he come to his senses, that he doesn't recognize himself, the man with the suit, and started to be honest to himself, having soul searching is for me the real victory. That as someone so successful, he too can fall and rise again.

And after having the courage to write his mission statement, he then met someone who believes him and so inspired by his writing. That is Dorothy Boyd, an accountant and basicly a simple woman, a single mother. Maybe the thing that made the love story is adorable is Dorothy's child, Ray. As a kid he's straight forward with what he likes and he definitely feel comfortable with Jerry from the very beginning.

I guess maybe seeing Jerry still rise again after being fired, being dumped by his client and girlfriend, he still manage to be successful, gives me a feel of hope. I think Tom Cruise plays his role with heart and soul, and I can see his fragility but still trying to hold on.

I also loved the way Jerry's partnership with his client somehow manage to be closer and personal, as somehow they become friends. 

Sometimes we realize that we don't recognize ourselves by becoming someone we don't like. The fast paced life and the competition in life can influence us to be someone greed with victory and wealth, but after we get it all sometimes there's still emptiness inside. When that happens, have a time to do soul searching and maybe write your own 'mission statement' =)

Do you have your own film you always go back to? What's your version? Feel free to join and post your own ^^


The Kid In The Front Row said...

Great post, and one of my favorite movies. In fact, I love this a lot more than the film I wrote about. Thanks for joining in :)

Andina said...

It does seem to have something worth watching for. I was going to watch it again anyway when I read your post :) great blogathon.

moviesandsongs365 said...

Good idea for a blogathon. Difficult to narrow down to just 1 film, maybe The Breakfast Club, Before sunrise, About Schmidt, Say Anything, A Patch of Blue, or many many others. I can't decide ( :

Have you seen cameron crowe's other movies? I think you'd like "Say anything"

Andina said...

yes indeed. I actually have so much more but I have limited time to post this actually.
I love Crowe, I'll go check it out :)
come join the blogathon ^^

Paul S said...

Good choice, I've never been a massive fan of Tom Cruise but this is one of his best,really heartwarming.
Nice to join you in this blogathon:)

Andina said...

It's been nice to me too. Thanks :)

Adrienne said...

I'm freeeeeee....freeee faaaalllliiin'..