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May 10, 2011

Flipped (2010)

It is interesting when a teenager movie wrapped in a wiser point of view. The result is an easy to digest but full of wisdom kind of way movie. Flipped is a love story, to sum up, but tells the story with two point of view. From the girl, Juli and the boy, Bryce. Two eighth graders start to have feelings for each other despite being total opposites. Based on the novel "Flipped" by Wendelin Van Draanen.(imdb)

I have a fondness with old vintage things. This movie set in the '50s and use old tunes like my mother's favorite tunes. Madelinne Caroll plays a strong character as Julie. Deep impression also felt by John Mahoney who plays Bryce's grandfather, Chet. Using narration with back and forth plot does not felt confusing. It makes us learn more from both characters.

As a kid, we act like what is is. Spontaneously do things according to our personality. So right from the beginning we could see the difference between Juli and Bryce personality. From the start Juli is straightforward and stubborn but Bryce is still easily influenced from his surroundings.

A lot of the tiny details from the movie sends the message not to have a bad prejudice before we check the facts. Like many, our heads and feelings could be influenced into thinking something that might not be true. Sometimes we avoid confrontation with covering something we don't want people to know, but in the end it makes the problem grow. And how easy it is to judge from the outside, when there's more reason if we bother to look from the inside.
 From this movie also there's a neighbor conflict that actually tells deeper about one family from another. The ones that have beautiful yard does not necessarily have a happy life inside the house.  The ones who did not took care of his yard, does not necessarily have a terrible family. So each family have its own problems and different way to deal their problems. Many times, as we look down other people, is actually rooting from self hatred.

There's many values to be look at from Juli Baker. Having to climb a tree reminds me of my childhood. There's also a transition from a child to a girl that is significant, is when a girl sees the reality to a guy she have high hopes for. Actually it applies to a boy and a girl. But it is important when you let go of your expectation and start seeing the real thing, before it's too late.

To sum up, the movie is easy to digest but able to send the wisdom : do not judge people from the cover.


Lesya Khyzhnyak said...

I enjoyed this film a lot and liked what you have written about it. I also loved that it was set in 50's and the music is very suitable. I must admite I also have a weakness to such movies :)

Andina said...

I assume the weakness is '50s theme? I do too. that era seems to feel more 'friendly' and original. Thanks :)