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May 9, 2011

Best Of Times (2009)

Here is the movie that Thai people proud of. At least that is what I thought by seeing so much awards for this movie. It was the Thailand official submission for Oscar.

Best Of Times is adding another bright color for movies in 2009.  After watching several comedy and cutesy Thai movies, this movie have a higher level to look for.

It's a story about Keng, a vet who couldn't help not thinking his first love, Fai. Fai involved in a relationship since highschool with Keng's bestfriend and got married, but ended in divorce. Keng met this two charming elder couple, Sompit and Jamrus in computer class, where he worked as a teacher, as part of his social service. Sompit and Jamrus have a lovely relationship but Sompit doubts her son would approve her relationship with Jamrus.

The movie felt simple but you could definitely see some material for life lessons. There are several things I'm questioning for this movie. It has a good story and analogy that would make you start thinking about your point of view of life and love. The analogy of the tree that Jamrus consider as his brother is one of the most touching element for me.

The strong element in this movie covers the flaws. And that is the relationship of the old couple, Sompit and Jamrus. I guess I could see they both like a two teenagers in their souls but in the reality they both are old adults. Their computer illiterate makes it interesting to see as they both try to communicate in faraway homes. The guy is a perfect gentlemen and the woman has that pretty inner. It seems Keng and Fai's relationship did not make the most deep impression than the old couple.

I guess you would wonder, what seems to be the problem between Jamrus and Sompit? And I, as I have never been in that age, thought that old adult would do just fine managing their love life. But then again, are they really that fine to experiencing a new journey?

It's been a while I do life lessons. So this is the life lessons I get from this movie :

  • If you want something, just go for it. If its the matter of your heart, then you should get it out from your system. Don't listen to your fears. Afterwards, you would know the result and never look back. You only live once.
  • Every good deed would always come back in a good thing
  • Sometimes there are things that happen to you without any particular reason only for you to learn and experience
  • If you seem to calculate things you do for your spouse, then you are never been in love


    reanaclaire said...

    Hello..great coming by.. hope you can drop me an email regarding to some paid reviews.. thanks!


    Andina said...

    Already send the reply :)

    moviesandsongs365 said...

    Will add this film to my to-see-list, trailer looks good! the subtitles move a little too fast for me, hope in the film they move a bit slower?
    The life lessons, we really should just go for it in life, but its tough to live life like in the movies, grab some sweetness where you can!
    Anyway , thanks for recommending, Andina ( :

    Andina said...

    You are welcome. In some parts of the movies, it feels kind of fast. It might be because it's trailer, so they should make it short and efficient.
    Yes, we can't live 100 percent like in the movies. but there's no harm of trying to be positive though right? :)